Mad Brothers Earthmoving offers a wide range of Earthmoving and Transport Services

Our Story

Mad Brothers Earthmoving all started with two brothers and their childhood love of trucks and although Anthony and Adrian were born into the third generation of a market gardening family business, their passion for trucks was always there in the background.
In 2007, Anthony and Adrian decided to buy a Kenworth truck and trailer just as a small sideline business whilst they continued to work within their family owned business with their parents.

Their plan was simple, to employ a driver and register as a subcontractor with a Plant Hire company and see how things go.
However, for those of you who don’t personally know Anthony and Adrian, they are extremely likable, honest hardworking, and very well-known, and as soon as they had the truck setup and ready to work, the word had spread about this new venture.
Anthony received a telephone call from a friend, who was working in this industry, who called to see if they would be interested in being a transport contract supplier for a major development site in South Yarra, the job was estimated to be over 200,000 meters with a minimum of 10-20 truck and trailers per day, the client wanted a new supplier as they were tired of the service they had been receiving.
Anthony and Adrian agreed and instead of putting their truck out with that Plant Hire they became they own! Within 1 hour, they did their homework, a quote was supplied, and the deal was done, and project started 1 week later. Their 1 truck and 9 sub-contractors started that project.

Within 6 months that one truck, become 3 trucks, within the first year they become 5 trucks, 8 trucks and now over 10 years on they have a now a fleet of more 30 trucks, Excavators, Bulldozers, Float services and other earthmoving equipment.

Mad Brothers Earthmoving now manage their own Landfill sites, coordinate basement and civil excavation projects and have a subcontractor register of over 1000 contactors.
Although this all sounds effortless, much blood, sweat and tears have gone into Mad Brothers being the growing success you see today. The two brothers took a chance to follow a dream. Their success has been awe-inspiring proves the old recipe of having a passion for what you do and being willing to put in the hard work really does pay off.

Anthony and Adrian believe in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with everyone we deal with, from our clients and subcontractors, to suppliers and employees and are very hands on in all aspects of this company.
From spending many late nights and weekends in the workshop and office to meet deadlines and keep the show on the road. They like to visit sites and attend meetings with our Sales team, and are truly known by all who are dealing with Mad Bros.

When you deal with Mad Brothers Earthmoving, you deal with the whole team, we want to offer you the ultimate service and team experience.