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Mad Brothers Earthmoving offers a wide range of Earthmoving and Transport Services


A Backhoe Loader is a wheeled machine great for digging, trenching, back-filling and more. Their precise handling is an asset when operating in areas where using larger equipment is not practical as they generally have a smaller frame size.
A Backhoe can be used for:
– General Excavation: digging, loading, trenching & back-filling
– Breaking Asphalt & Paving
– Demolition
– Landscaping

Bobcat / Posi Track: Skid Steer

Skid Steer and Skid Track Loaders are best known as Bobcats (Wheeled machine) and Posi (Tracked machine). They have excellent mobility and are a worksite allrounder with multiple attachment options such as Smudge bar, 4 in 1 bucket, Roller, Augers, Backhoe bucket, Grapple, Dozer Blade, Grass Cutter, Broom and more.
A Bobcats & Posi Tracks can be used for:
– Levelling, spreading, rolling, loading & back-filling
– Light Excavation: paths, driveways, small swimming pools, house sites, etc
– Landscaping
– Site cuts & site clean-ups
– Small Demolition


A Bulldozer is tracked machine generally used in Landfill, Mining, Civil Construction and Quarry Industries as they are prefect for pushing, levelling, ripping, stripping and compaction works. From large to small, quarry or final trim and finish works they perform best over short distances and can work in all conditions wet or dry, sand, soil or rock.
A Bulldozer can be used for:
– Pushing
– Spreading & compacting material
– Stripping & Scraping
– Site clearing & Levelling
– Ripping ground

Size Range available:

D5 D6 D7 D8


Compactors are roller/wheeled machine generally used in Landfill, Civil Construction and Quarry Industries as they are prefect for pushing, levelling and of course compaction works.
A Compactor can be used for:
– Material Compaction
– Bulk Pushing
– Spreading & Levelling

Size Range available:

815 825

Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks are ultimate off-road tip-truck vehicles use the move material on a grand scale per load around site. They are mostly used in in the Landfill, Civil Construction, Mining and Quarry Industries.

Size Range available:

25 Ton 30 Ton 35 Ton 40 Ton


An Excavator is a tracked machine known as the power shovel when it comes to digging and excavating trenches, holes, basement and foundations. Also, perfect for material handling, sorting, loading with multiple attachment options such as Hammer, Shaker bucket, Augers, Grab claw and more.
An Excavator can be used for:
– Bulk Excavation                                – Digging trenches & drains
– General Excavation & Loading      – Detail & trim work
– Demolition                             – Breaking of Rock, Concrete & Bitumen
– Levelling

Size Range available:

1-5 Ton 8-10 Ton 12-15 Ton 18-20 Ton 25-35 Ton 40+ Ton

Front End Loader / Wheel Loader

A Front-end Loader is also known as a Wheel Loader. It’s a powerful and high-speed loading machine that is best suited when working on a compacted or solid surface. They are used in all earthmoving Industries from Quarries, Garden Supply, Civil Construction, Mining and Landfills.
A Wheel loader travels much faster than a track machines and are an excellent choice for fast loading from stockpiled and have a high bucket dumping height for loading high walled truck & trailers and Dump Trucks.


A Grader is a wheeled machine that’s is generally used for trimming and levelling works with it blade, but it’s can also be used for ripping with its rear ripper attachment. A Grader can be used for:
– Levelling
– Final Trim & Cutting
– Ripping & Scarifying

Size Range available:

10 Foot 12 Foot 14 Foot

Material Reclaimer / Screener

Material Reclaimer and Screener are a portable vibrating machine sorter capable of recycling and screening sand, soil, gravel and other various materials. They are utilised in most earthmoving Industries such as Quarries, Garden supply facilities, Mining and Landfills.


A Roller is a steel roller/wheeled machine that uses its own the weight and a vibratory system to compress and compactor the surface its travelling along. It is a compactor type machine used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.
Size Range available:

Size Range available:

Sheep Foot Drum Pad Foot


A Scraper is best used for the surface stripping and excavation of dry or soft materials. They are generally used in Civil construction and Landfills industries.
A Scraper can be used for:
– Surface stripping
– Civil cutting and filling
– Landfill

Size Range available:

Self-Elevating Open Bowl

Water Trucks

Water Trucks are also known as Water Carts, they are used to assist compaction works and road construction to maintain an adequate water content in the construction fill and rock for compaction and solid foundation purposes. They are also use for Dust suppression and Road cleaning and general watering activities.

Size Range available:

7,500Lt 10,00Lt 18,000Lt

Street Sweepers

A Street Sweeper play an important role in the cleaning and clearing of street road surfaces of any debris i.e. soil dust, mud, small rocks, etc that can be created by trucks transporting soils and materials in or off-site.